Why Fully Promoted

our vision

We believe that the strength of your business is rooted in the strength of your relationships; with your staff, with your fans, with your clients, with your investors, and with everyone who drives your success on a daily basis.
At Fully Promoted, Our commitment is to helping you strengthen those relationships by building a sense of team, a sense of community, and a sense of loyalty.

our background

As a member of the World’s largest branded products franchise, Fully Promoted helps businesses all over the globe with their promotional products, branded apparel and marketing services.
the coquitlam location (started in vancouver in 2006 and relocated in 2021) is individually owned and operated by highly trained experts who know your local community and know how to brand your message.
Our owners specialize in putting your logo on almost anything.  If you can image it, there is a good chance we can do it.
Until the first Fully Promoted opened, you couldn’t find one store that could meet all of your custom embroidery, promotional product, printed materials, and screen printing, but now we are a world leader, making it possible for thousands of organizations and businesses to easily and effectively get the customized apparel, promotional products, and printed materials they need.
It started with the first EmbroidMe store in 2000 with franchising veteran Ray Titus, who realized that the $45 billion dollar promotional products industry could use some of the same expertise and initiative he'd already applied to building Signarama, the world's largest sign franchise in the world. At the corporate level, we are a privately held company based in West Palm Beach, Florida with 10 brands and over 1,800 locations worldwide. EmbroidMe was rebranded to Fully Promoted in 2016 to offer more services that our clients were asking for such as promotional products, printed materials, garment printing, screen printing, and lead generation helping organizations and businesses everywhere.

Don't just get noticed. be fully promoted.

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